Why Is Cappuccino Popular?

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A coffee house will never be a coffee haven without cappuccino. This is made through combining steamed milk, foam and espresso. Although a lot has been said about the reasons as to why people think this is delicious, its appeal to coffee drinkers is primarily drawn from the fact that this creates a magical feeling of experiencing authentic Europe with just a sip.

The origin of the name ‘cappuccino’ is attributed to a special order of monks who were then referred to as “capuccini”. Even if  this has been the established history of the name, there are still coffee fanatics who argue about its authenticity. Some say that the real reason why monks and cappuccino are put together is the fact that the Franciscan monks’ robes resemble the cappuccino color. A few others, on the other hand, insist that the monks intentionally made cappuccino in the 17th century to have a coffee blend of their own.

The most basic cappuccino mix has a single espresso shot. Though branded as ‘basic’, this is still unique; thanks to its special milk and foam texture and proportion. Milk, regardless of amount, when accurately steamed has both glossy and silky look and contains no large bubbles at all. This steamed milk will be poured slowly into the espresso with a rich foam on top. Now in addition to how the coffee and foam turn out, how they look in the cup is just as important. We cover coffee cups briefly at the end of this article.

The many kinds of this coffee drink are made possible by the variation in foam and milk amounts. A wet cappuccino or cappuccino chiaro is served with extra foam and just enough amount of milk while the dry cappuccino or cappuccino scuro has very little foam and milk.

Foam toppings, recently, became a fad. These do not only make the drink more pleasant to the taste, but this also makes it look more elegant and unique. A few coffee drinkers prefer toppings like cinnamon and cocoa powder; however, there are also those who like spices on top such as cloves and nutmeg.

Due to the tough competition between coffee houses today, resident baristas are already trained to create graphic designs with the use of the foam. Aside from this, cold cappuccino servings are offered by a few which they refer to as the iced cap or frozen cap. Although there are people who like it, especially the younger ones, this according to many despise the real meaning of having a coffee drink.

Anybody can create his own cappuccino in his kitchen with just the help of an espresso maker. Espresso makers do not only brew espresso, this is also manufactured with a frothing stick made especially for steaming milk and creating a foam. If you’ve bought a machine that does not have this feature, there are foaming sticks made available in supermarkets already. If you would like more information about coffee machines check out one of our earlier articles covering machines for the home market. Also back in December we looked at some of the best machines on the market, and you can access that article here.

How Do We Serve Cappuccino?

The serving cup sizes vary from one location to another.  In Italy, 6oz cups are the traditional vessels. Italian’s cappuccinos are served in a pre-heated porcelain cup. In most countries, the porcelain cups are utilized due to its heat retention capability.
In most coffee shops and fast foods, paper cap cups are famous because these are convenient to bring and safe, thanks to its plastic lids. In coffee drinkers, retaining the beverage’s temperature is important, although its foam can act as a natural insulator.

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