Coffee Roasters

Top 3 Home Coffee Roasters You Should Check Out!

Roasting coffee is the method of heating coffee beans until the color is transformed into a rich brown shade. The process is done to make the coffee more digestible before using it as the main ingredient in beverages.

History has shown that roasting is achieved with a pan on top of an open flame. Stirring the coffee beans inside is necessary to get even-colored beans. Mechanical roasting, also, is done under this principle; however, the varied roasting apparatus performs the process in varied methods.

There are many ways by which coffee beans could be roasted. You could purchase a home roaster or a good set of pans. Both of these are good choices.

If you choose to roast manually, you can, by:

  • Stove top method
  • Home Oven Roaster
  • Popcorn Popper

If you choose to use a home roaster machine, you must be paying attention on two important questions:

  1. How much coffee do you regularly consume per day?
  2. How much are you prepared to shed out for an efficient appliance?

Well, you will never want to store up a week’s supply of beans since this will defeat the purpose of having freshly roasted coffee materials. If we discuss price range, of course, it would follow that the appliance which can roast more costs more.
To save you time from searching for the best home roaster you could buy, we have laid three excellent options for you. Here are the best home coffee roasters on the market today.

Gene Pound Café Roaster

This home coffee roaster is made to provide large reservoir, silent operation and intuitive and user-friendly manual controls. Both controls and instructions are easy to understand that even all beginners can come up with a professional quality roasting on the first attempt. It has a roast chamber that’s been designed to be clear so the users can see the process taking on inside. The clear chamber is also a good feature to prevent under-roast or over-roast beans. Gene’s safety features are well thought-of. Some of its most functional parts are auto shut-off, burn-free cover and overheat digital sensors.

Cost: $585

Product details:

  • Limited edition; metallic red
    Roasting chamber; see-through
    Roasting capacity; ½ lb beans

Nesco CR-1010-Prr Coffee Bean Roaster

The Nesco bean roaster is manufactured to have a special mechanism of catalytic technology to reduce smoke and odor emission during the entire process. It has digital controls for automatic cooling and roasting- both preset so a choice is just a a maneuver away. This coffee roaster has the ability to provide high quality performance by combining the functions of its agitator and warm air inside in order to produce evenly-colored beans.

Cost: $220

Product Details:

  • Simple to use and more affordable
    Silent operation
    Roasts beans in as swift as 20 minutes
    Pre-set digital controls
    Patented mechanism for catalytic technology to reduce smoke and odor emission.

Fresh SR500 Coffee Bean Roaster

The fresh SR500 machine is user-friendly, specifically for beginners. This could roast all sorts of coffee, including espresso. Its required roasting temperature and time are adjustable without interrupting the entire roasting process going on inside.

Cost: $169

Product Details:

  • Three options for temperature control
    Roasting capacity; coffee beans good for 20 cups within 10 minutes

Accurate digital operating system
Has convection fan, which makes sure that circulation is made gentle and efficient.
Speed fluid system for roasting motion to ensure a swift process.