Rooibos Tea

Rooibos Tea | Why Not Try Something Different

Although we very much enjoy a good cup of coffee in morning and then around mid afternoon, I’m very conscious of the amount of caffeine that I’m consuming on a regular basis. I think at a couple of cups a day, or perhaps a few more on those Mondays, from the reading I’ve done online it doesn’t seem like an excessive amount. Caffeine does have a number health benefits after all.

Having said that, I have been looking into ways to avoid increasing the amount of coffee I drink – realizing that a big part of it is behavioral. So the other day I was catching up with a friend, over a coffee, and we were chatting about this very topic; OK, they were suggesting I drink to much coffee. After politely rejecting the idea of decaf coffee, I mean … whats the point, they suggested Rooibos Tea or as they called it Red Bush Tea.

Switching to some at I hadn’t heard of before wasn’t something I was considering but they were quite insistent that I at least try it. So I ordered some online and the next day it turned up. I must admit I was somewhat sceptical about the new tea, but a promise is a promise: I would try it for a week.

So after trying the two over the last two weeks I must say I rather do enjoy it now. I read up on it online and found some great information about its history and health benefits it does have. I great little website I came across dedicated to red bush tea – I can highly recommend a visit if you are interested in finding out more about the tea – in particular area around health and benefits to the body. I’ve also provided some other links though this article I thought you might find useful.

The tea can be taken neat, or with milk or just with honey or sugar. Personally I’ve come to enjoy it just as it is. I tend to leave the tea bag in the cup for about a minute or to allow it to brew. I did start off with short times and recommend this when starting out. It’s a very soothing tea and really does help unwind at the end of a busy day. It helps us remove a regular intake of caffeine from our diet and it means I avoid the temptation, well for a while anyway, of buying another coffee machine.

Now with summer in full swing I’ve been meaning to try the drink as a cold tea, and will be doing this after the weekend. Perhaps with a slice of lemon, ice and in a tall glass will work nicely. I do recommend trying this great little tea, in particular if you wanting to try something different and making a change from your normal tea or coffee.