Keurig Troubleshooting: A Few of the Problems that May Arise

In many households across the world the start to the day begins with the fine aroma of coffee floating through the air; giving us a reason to get up and start our days.   We make our way towards the kitchen heading straight for the coffee maker with our favorite mugs in hand.  This daily ritual of morning coffee is one that transcends many cultures around the world.  Each culture adding their own spin on the way they serve and prepare their coffee. Regardless how it is made or served it is the magic brew for all walks of life being an important part of the daily routine for many.

So there is nothing worse when your coffee maker is not working as it should – this is not starting your day off right.  To help those troubleshoot who use a Keurig coffee maker there is some suggestions on what you can do to solve some problems that may arise.  These suggestions can also work for many other coffee makers in general.

Keurig Troubleshooting

  • Manufacture’s Manual: read through this to see if you can find any instructions or suggestions on what to do to fix your coffee maker;
  • Half Cup: if you are only getting half a cup this could mean that the coffee maker has a build up of lime and just needs a good cleaning;
  • Blue Light Blinking: when the blue light is blinking it is letting you know that you do not have enough water in the reservoir; or
  • Coffee Grinds Floating in Cup: this is also a sign that the coffee maker is in need of a good cleaning as overtime it builds up lime inside that needs to be cleaned or it blocks it up and prevents it from functioning properly.

Regular Maintenance of Coffee Maker

A good idea when purchasing a coffee maker is to make sure you keep the manual somewhere that you can easily find it in case you run into some problems with your coffee maker.  Many people get frustrated when they can’t find the manual for their coffee maker; ripping drawers apart in the hunt for the missing manual.  To save yourself some time and frustration pick a certain drawer that is designated strictly for all your kitchen manuals to be kept in. I myself do this after learning the hard way when I couldn’t find a manual I wanted to look over.  Take my advice it makes the process a whole lot easier when you know exactly where the manual is; this will help in getting your coffee maker up in running a lot sooner!

Another great approach is to don’t wait until your coffee maker is starting to have problems working properly before you decide to clean it.  Instead make a point of cleaning it on a regular basis, this will make it much more likely that your Keurig coffee maker will continue to brew that dark cup of magic:  allowing you and your loved ones to enjoy it’s services for many years to come.

Many of us love nothing more than sitting down to enjoy a nice cup of coffee; but not just any coffee – with a Keurig coffee maker we can all have the flavor and type of coffee that suits us all.  With it’s individual choices of a variety of gourmet flavors there is something for every coffee lovers taste.  We don’t have to settle for the one type of coffee because that is what is in the pot. Instead with this great system it makes individual cups of coffee to suit each individuals taste.  You no longer have to worry about drinking awful flavors or decaf but instead get to start your day of right with your favorite choice of brew.  But you must remember in order for you to continue enjoying your wonderful daily coffee you must remember to maintain the coffee maker.  In this article is a few suggestions on what you can do when it comes to caring for your coffee maker.

Descaling Your Keurig Coffee Maker

  • First step in the descaling process is to make sure you unplug your coffee maker
  • Take parts of most of which are dishwasher safe/ can be washed with dish soap and then hand dried
  • Cleaning Tools for coffee maker are a toothbrush or one similar that you use only for cleaning your coffee maker keeping it in a sanitary container, White Vinegar, Wiping Cloth, and some all-purpose cleaner preferably an environmentally friendly cleaning product
  • Clean outside with cloth and all-purpose cleaner, use brush to clean around grooves around cup holder, then take cloth and put some all-purpose cleaner on it and wipe the entire outside of the coffee maker down with it.
  • Put parts back on coffee maker
  • Fill Water Reservoir half full of Vinegar then brew it through
  • Fill Water Reservoir full of Water brew it through a couple of times or until you no longer can smell the vinegar.

Coffee Maker is Ready to Brew

If you want to keep your coffee maker brewing you your daily favorite cups of heaven then you should make it part of your routine to clean it every 3-6 months.  Your coffee maker is no different than your car.  You get your car regular oil changes and tune-ups to keep it running and performing at it’s best. Well to keep your coffee maker running at it’s best you must clean it regularly.  It is a good idea to keep the manufacturer’s manual somewhere close to your coffee maker so you can read suggestions it may have to help you troubleshoot any problems that you may be having.  Why people seem to presume that their appliances should keep running on and on without any kind of up keep is not really being very sensible in my opinion.  Don’t just pull the plug and throw out your coffee maker because one day it stopped running properly; save yourself some money and aggravation.  First look into doing a bit of troubleshooting, before you pull the plug.  If you fix yourself the problem, just by doing a bit of trouble shooting your reward might be a lovely cup of coffee of your choice!