Caffeine Related Health Problems

woman-stomachache-130813Caffeine increases your heart rate, promotes your blood pressure and can contribute to the development of heart disease. Both decaf and unvarying coffee increase your cholesterol and homo-cysteine the biochemical that has been linked to increased risk of heart attack. Caffeine has also been related to coronary vaso-spasms – which accounts for 20% of all deadly heart attacks.
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Benefits of Coffee For Skin | Coffee Face Mask | Coffee Scrub

Coffee-Skin-CareWe live in a world passionate with its next caffeine hit. It is peoples favorite intoxicant and in restraint it appears to be not only safe but perhaps even aids to our better health. Therefore, it is in everything these days so why would we need more caffeine in our lives? It is all about how that caffeine gets into you. If it’s accomplishment your circulation especially through cups of coffee or tea, you may be missing out on several of its most strong skin care properties. Fore go a cup a day and rub it directly into your skin in its place ideally in the form of an ointment, soap or scrub.
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Benefits of Coffee for Hair Growth

A lot of investigation has been done about the latent health benefits of coffee. Experts believe coffee can help grip of serious illness and possibly stop or delay the onset of Alzheimer’s. Moreover, scientists have considered coffee hair growth benefits during the course of their research.
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